Wood Samples


Our woods come in:

  • a variety of softwoods & hardwoods
  • random widths (3" to 11") and lengths (2' to 16')


  • Kiln-dried to 10% or less moisture content



"From Reclaimed Barn Board" - "Weathered and aged to perfection"

    Hemlock - a soft wood which comes in various shades of brown and is slightly harder than pine
    Pine - Also a soft wood which comes in shades of brown, yellow and red.
    A variety of grades are available:
  • very rustic - lightly planed leaving sawmarks and a dark, rich patina
  • rustic - planed and sanded leaving just a hint of sawmarks and a rich, but lighter patina
  • Antique - planed and sanded down removing all sawmarks and leaving a lighter patina

"Milled from reclaimed barn beams" - "For a less rustic but ageless look"

  • Elm - Due to the fact elm was virtually wiped out at one time, old barns are the only source for this hard wood with its unique grain.
  • Ash, Beech & Maple - other hardwoods we also have available.
  • Harbour Pine - The beams used to mill this wood have been salvaged from the Toronto Harbour where it has been underwater for over 100 years. The saturation of water gives it an unusual and rich colour.
  • Tamarack - Though considered a softwood, it is actually harder than hemlock and has a beautiful grain.

Also Available - Milled hard wood - We often acquire new logs from local tree removal companies which we then mill and kiln dry to order. We have walnut, poplar and willow. Call for additional information. Stock changes frequently